Of road trips and typewriters

New Hope, PA is one of my favorite towns that I have ever visited. It’s beautifully historic and endlessly vibrant. As the halfway point between New York and Philadelphia, it’s become a melting pot of people and cultures that I have yet to experience anywhere else. With equal parts locals, tourists, artists, bikers and everything in between, New Hope truly offers a uniquely welcoming community.

This weekend, the nearby Peddler’s Village hosted its traditional Apple Festival–a date I always look forward to because it marks the annual road trip that my friends and I make to New Hope to check out the sights and the shops.

This trip definitely didn’t disappoint. It was a perfect autumn day, even though the weather channel threatened clouds and showers, and the antique shops and “off the beaten path” boutiques offer hours of perusing entertainment.

Though I didn’t bring anything home from this particular trip, I did spy this little treasure tucked away in a corner. With a $300 price tag I can’t do much more than admire it… at least right now, anyway.


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Just another blogging bibliophile and her Kindle…

I’m going to admit something. Some hardcore book fans would have me kicked out of the club for this, but I’m going to admit it anyway.

I love my Kindle.
There, I said it.

Look… I know. I understand. I was skeptical at first, too. “It doesn’t feel like a book.” “It doesn’t smell like a book.” I used them all. And while I’m coming clean, I might as well go ahead and admit, yes… I still buy and borrow physical books because no technology could ever replace the sheer thrill of turning pages.

But those things aside, there is still one fact that has earned my Kindle a spot in my heart and in my purse as my constant companion: I have never read so much in my life as when I have owned a Kindle. And that’s saying a lot considering that I am a voracious reader.

Five awesome benefits of my Kindle:

  • I’m never without a book. No more not being able to find something specific at the bookstore. No more frustration when the book I want is check out at the library. No more waiting for someone to finish the book you want to borrow because you don’t have an extra $25 to spare to get your own copy.
  • I’m reading the classics for free. All those books you pretended to read in high school? You can read most of them for free. Jane Austen is my home girl now and who knew I’d love Charles Dickens so much? I’ve started a classic – new – classic – new reading rotation just because I can.
  • I’m never on the waiting list. As someone who has camped out overnight to get my hands on the latest installments of Harry Potter, I know the waiting game sucks. Or even just this past summer, some of my friends couldn’t find The Help anywhere. That tends to happen with books turned movies, but digital books are never out of stock.
  • I’m saving money. $5 for a book? Don’t mind of I do! Buying all the books that I’ve read on my Kindle so far in the real world would have cost a small fortune. With the Kindle, I spent a couple bucks here and there. Price alone is keeping my reading list jumping because I can afford to burn through it. And I can’t help but to think about the holidays coming up. A $50 giftcard to Barnes & Noble will get you 2 books, maybe 3 if you’re lucky. A $50 Amazon giftcard will keep you up to your eyeballs in books for months.
  • I’m broadening my horizons. Because books are so inexpensive, it’s easy to step outside your comfort zone. Choosing books can be a lot like choosing what to eat at a restaurant. You always want to try something new, but you’re afraid to spend the money on something you’ll end up hating. $25 is a lot of money to waste on a book you won’t enjoy so you stay with your favorite authors and in your favorite genres. Now I can try something new for free or $5-$10 without any buyers remorse at all.
So that’s that. I’m a Kindle-loving booknerd and I’ve started this blog to write about my literary adventures and to connect with other blogging bibliophiles. Maybe I’ll write about the books I’m reading or go off about how horribly a movie mangled its book. Maybe I’ll make it to Harry Potter World someday and I can write about what it’s like to step inside the world of one of my favorite stories. I guess the possibilities are endless… just like they are when you pick up a book. Or in my case, download one.

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